The HypotULTRA Electrical Safety Tester series is the premier line of Dielectric Withstand Testers for Laboratory and Production Line settings. HypotUTLRA improves traceability with on-board data storage and allows you to automate your Electrical Safety Testing with a variety of communication interfaces. Increase efficiency with our direct barcode scanner connection and intuitive touch screen interface. Models 7804 and 7854 are a 4-in-1 solution with the addition of 40 Amp AC Ground Bond test capability added to HypotULTRA’s already impressive feature list. The 7820, 7850, 7800 models all have Hipot capability. Keep operators safe with SmartGFI®, Safety Interlock, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compatible accessories. HypotULTRA is a Dielectric Withstand Tester designed to take your production line to the next level.

AC Hipot Icon Ground Continuity Icon Insulation Resistance Icon USB Icon RS-232 Icon Ethernet Icon GPIB Icon Barcode Capability Icon SmartGFI Icon Modular Multiplexer Icon WithStand Compatible Icon