Here you will find all of the drivers for our automated electrical safety instruments. For additional assistance and personalized technical support contact our Applications Team

IVI Drivers


Technical Guide IVI Driver HypotULTRA® 7800 Series
HypotULTRA® (7800, 7804, 7820, 7850, 7854) – Download IVI Driver 32 bit, Download IVI Driver 64 bit


Technical Guide IVI Driver OMNIA® II 8200 Series
OMNIA® II (8204, 8254, 8206, 8256, 8207, 8257) – Download IVI Driver


To learn more about IVI drivers visit the IVI Foundation’s website

USB Card Drivers

Associated Research offers a USB/RS-232 interface card as our standard interface. Gain access to the USB interface by downloading the Associated Research USB driver.
Download now - AR USB Driver

Autoware® IP Track

Autoware IP Track is designed to allow users to enter IP address information when using an Associated Research SC6540 with an Ethernet Interface Card.
Autoware IP Track – Download now