Find the Electrical Safety Tester to Fit Your Needs

From basic data reporting to full automated test systems, we have the Electrical Safety Tester to fit your needs.

  • Entry Level Data Capabilities
  • Compact Bench-Top Design
  • Perfect for Production Line Manufacturers
  • Ground Bond Testing with Compact Bench-top Design
  • Entry Level Data Capabilities
  • Perfect for Production Line Manufacturers
  • Robust Data Capture Capabilities
  • Automate Test Routine & Improve Throughput
  • Complete 4-in-1 Test Solution in a 2U Chassis
  • The Complete Medical Testing Solution
  • Type & Production Testing in One-Box Solution
  • Complete 6-in-1 Test Solution in a 3U Chasis
  • Provides Output Voltage up to 20 kV AC or DC
  • Meet the ASTM-D149 Standard
  • Safety Enhancing Features Protect Operators
  • Stand-Alone Leakage Current Tester for Medical Manufacturers
  • Provides up to 40 Amps of Continuous Current
  • Upgrade Your 4-in-1 Tester to Handle Medical Requirements
  • Multi-Point Testing with up to 16 Channels in a 2U Chassis
  • Increase Throughput & Improve Productivity
  • Perfect for Laboratory Use & Production Line Manufacturers
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Verification Equipment
  • Test Leads & Probes

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