Appliance manufacturers rely on Associated Research to optimize their production lines to comply with IEC/UL 60335-1 Household Electrical Appliances and UL45A Portable Electrical Appliances standards.

Complete Solution

Manufacturers of appliances should perform Hipot, Ground Bond and Ground Continuity tests on their products. For your production line we recommend our HypotULTRA® model 7804 paired with our WithStand® software.

If you need hands-on help, we offer customizable on-site training with our Application Engineers to help you and your team overcome pain points in your operation, ensure your workstation conforms to OSHA specifications and improve efficiency and productivity.

Introductory Solution

If your production line is limited on volume, or is performed on a bench top, we recommend our Hypot® model 3805 and HYAMP® model 3240. When combined, these testers allow you to achieve basic best practices for safety and efficiency without the need for an elaborate automated test system.

With Hypot you can use a direct barcode connection to allow you to quickly associate products with pre-programed test files. Hypot is also compatible with our WithStand software.

Safe Workstation

Setting up a safe and secure workstation is one of the best ways to protect your test operators. You can setup test stations with or without direct protection depending on your requirements.

Educational Resources

Associated Research understands that there is a lot to know when it comes to our High Voltage Test Equipment and electrical safety testing. Here are some educational materials that may help you with your testing.