OMNIA® II 8204

5 kV @ 50 mA AC, 6 kV @ 20 mA DC Hipot with Insulation Resistance, 40 Amp Ground Bond Tester, CE listed

The 8204 is part of the OMNIA® II Series, the automated line of multi-function Electrical Safety Testers designed to meet your demanding application requirements. We’ve included exclusive productivity-enhancing features and the latest in safety technology. If your application requires AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Ground Bond, Ground Continuity, and Insulation Resistance test capability, the 8204 Advanced Electrical Safety Compliance Tester is sure to satisfy all of your Electrical safety testing needs. 

Weight: 82 lbs (37 kg)

AC Hipot
Voltage Output = 0-5000VAC
Leakage Current Limits = 0.000mA-50.0mA
Output Frequency = 50/60Hz
DC Hipot
Voltage Output = 0-6000VDC
Leakage Current Limits = 0.0µA-20.00mA
DC Ripple ≤ 4% Ripple RMS at 5KVDC @ 20mA, Resistive Load
Ground Bond
Output Voltage = 3.0-8.0VAC
Output Current = 1.00-40.0AAC
Resistance Range = 0-600mΩ
DC Output Current = 0.001A-0.1ADC
Resistance Range = 0.000-10,000Ω
Insulation Resistance
Voltage Output = 30-1000VDC
Resistance Range = 0.05MΩ-50.0GΩ
OMNIA II Instrument
Interlock Connector Male
Input Power Cable USA
High Voltage Lead 5 FT
USB Cable
3U Rack Mount Bracket
3U Rack Mount Handle
Rack Mount Handle Screws
40 Amp High Current Lead 5 FT
40 Amp High Current Return Lead 5 FT
Universal US
Nema L5-20
Nema L6-20

Enhance Your Safety Testing

Applications Consulting

Digital, On-Site and Validation Consulting Options

With Applications consulting we can help you ensure your company is meeting industry standard testing requirements while minimizing risks for your employees in the lab and on the production line. Our applications engineers will help you in your electrical safety testing. With our customized approach, we’ll ensure that your safe workstation conforms to OSHA requirements, educate your operators and work with you to validate your test system.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Cloud storage of tests and data.

WithStand Desk is a stand-alone desktop application program without the need for network connectivity.

With our software as a service platform, Withstand, you can easily record, track, and store your data. Withstand is a cloud-based software and storage platform with a PC interface. Efficiently set-up and run tests for both Associated Research and SCI testers. Fully compatible with your Hypot®, HypotULTRA®, OMNIA® II, HypotMAX®, 620L, SC6540 Multiplexers, SCI 290 Series, 260 Series and 440 Series. Cloud storage ensures that your tests and data will never be lost or altered - all information is stored immediately to the cloud for access at any time. Additional capability to store test results and test files locally for more sensitive sequences and data.

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