Trade-In Program

We are proud to have a generous and responsible trade-in program. It is our way of saying thanks for continuing to choose our instruments.

Simply send us your old instrument and we’ll give you a credit towards your purchase. We will even accept competitive models! Trade-in credit is based on the replacement instrument being purchased. Oh, and we’ll be sure your old instrument is responsibly recycled.

Product TypeTrade-in Allowance
Hypot® models 3705, 3765, 3770, 3805, 3865, 3870 HYAMP® models 3130, 3140, 3145, 3240 $200.00
Hypot® model 3780, 3880 HYAMP® model 3160$350.00
HypotULTRA®, HypotMAX®, LINECHEK® II, SC6540$450.00
OMNIA® II – 82×4$600.00
OMNIA® II – 82×6 & 82×7$700.00